My Grecian Valentine

I have never been a real fan of Valentines Day. Somewhere in history this feast day of a martyr that was beaten and beheaded turned into an event where everyone feels obligated to buy chocolates being held by over-sized teddy bears in order to demonstrate there love . . . what? I don’t know about you, but those things just never seemed to add up for me.


That (blown out of proportion opinion) being said and set aside, Valentines Day was pretty fabulous.

Brunch on the roof!

Brunch on the roof!

The day began with a Sunny brunch on the school roof prepared by our lovely little “student council”. Complete with bacon, chocolate filled croissants, pancakes with nutella (syrup isn’t a thing here because of the obvious lack of maple trees but who can complain about nutella?), and baklava.  Apparently we just decided to eat desserts disguised as breakfast foods which I think we were all more than okay with. This was followed by some quality time with the sun by way of reading and napping.

After a shopping trip in search for shoes for one of my roommates, Milica, (in which I may or may not have expanded my skirt collection) was fruitless (or should I say “shoeless”), I became her doll for the evening. After picking out my outfit for the night, her dream of applying my make-up came true as we readied ourselves for dinner with some other ladies of the program. Like true “poor college students” we prepared a little pre-dinner dinner so we wouldn’t be as hungry and therefore able to share our pricier meals (maybe a little cheap, but hey, we’ve all been there). While eating, I popped into the lives of old roommates, Hannah and Anna, for a wonderful little chat.

After the chaos of getting six girls ready (and calling the restaurant to tell them we would be late), we all hopped on a bus, then a metro to arrive at the neighborhood near the base of the Acropolis where our restaurant was. However, we had neglected to actually find out the address of the place and only knew the rough direction. So much goes into planning your public transportation that it is easy to forget a little (and vital) thing like that. With the help (“help” being used loosely) from several strangers we were even more confused of where we were going and about a half hour late for our reservation at that point, we called the restaurant again to get the address and all agreed to hail a cab to take us. Walking down a side street to do so, Milica spotted a restaurant and suggested jokingly, “Why don’t we just eat there?” only for us to realize that that was, in fact, the very place we were in search of: Strofi. The host welcomed us graciously saying “You found us!” (apparently we don’t yet blend in with the Greeks). He then lead us to our seats which had been reserved on the first floor but since we were forty minutes late, a place on the roof opened up! One blessing after another! From our table we had a perfect view of the beautifully lit Acropolis accompanied by a full moon in the night sky. Simply wonderful.

My roommate, Christina, creeped on me gazing at my Valentine like a true Classicist.

My roommate, Christina, caught me gazing at my Valentine (aka the Acropolis) like a true Classicist.


Fried Eggplant with fresh Tomato and Feta cheese


Lamb wrapped in wine leaves stuffed with cheese

But wait, the night gets even better! Accompanied by some red wine, our dinner began. My taste-bud world was rocked by this eggplant appetizer (let’s all just take a moment to appreciate eggplant) followed by my first lamb experience while in Greece! I never wanted these flavors to leave my mouth. I highly suggest Strofi if you are looking for a wonderful view and dining experience while in Greece (thanks to roomie Annie for finding it!). It was well worth the adventure of locating it (which isn’t actually that difficult if you know where you are going. go figure).

All in all a beautiful morning, day, and night filled with tasty food and lovely company that would have happened even if it wasn’t the fourteenth of February.




“The greater the feeling of responsibility for the person the more true love there is.” — Blessed John Paul II

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